There is a long chain of biotic matter from various sources, in various stages of decomposition.

The chain curves and twists its way through spaces of many dimensions. It can shift itself any fraction of a Planck length in any direction at will, so that it often fails to exist in well-defined physical space and is thus invisible. It preys on live meat by tunneling into the dimensions where the organism exists and attaching to the organism. This causes the prey to immediately die, but it will continue to operate as though it were alive. The prey will retain all its memories but will unconsciously be controlled by the chain.

The chain will keep a consumed prey item in its present location and continue to tunnel through other worlds in search of more. The prey will be used to attract more prey, by appearing to still be alive; however, it will be unable to move from its present location. Once more prey comes in contact with the consumed individual being used as bait, the individual will rapidly decompose and sink into the chain, and the fresh prey will take its place.

The chain grows longer as it assimilates its prey, but grows shorter as its past prey continues to decompose. The chain must feed every now and then or it will succumb entirely to decomposition. The chain is prone to unnecessary feeding. It has been known to devour entire communities and leave no trace behind. The communities never know anything to be wrong until it is too late for them.

The chain may occasionally pass through occupied space, resulting in the sensation of wind or the feeling of seeing something out of the corner of one’s eye.

This being, Chijwamara, is the creator of evil. By passing through and behind the brains of well-meaning people, it can come to control them, causing them to commit atrocities so that Chijwamara can take more prey. When vanquished, such people go unceremoniously, and those who destroyed them are corrupted by the experience become evil themselves, because they have been touched by Chijwamara. It is at once the being known as the devil and the being known as Hell, for those who have once touched it will suffer forever and never know.

Prayers to Chijwamara will be answered unconditionally, but often will not be fulfilled correctly. Calling its name will alert the mindless beast to the speaker’s position, and so Chijwamara will come to consume him. Often, by pure chance, this turn of events will somehow result in the speaker’s prayer being fulfilled, but sometimes it will not.

Chijwamara is the second entry in Stairwell's Regarding Orderly and Pragmatic Affairs, where it takes on the title "The Primordial Eternity."