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This wiki, Orderly and Pragmatic Affairs Wiki, is a compendium of complete and utter nonsense. In the grand scheme of the universe, the words of this wiki are, down to the very last letter, vitally important, but by the most common and rational of human criteria they are entirely insignificant and possess no function or structure whatsoever, hence the title of the wiki. Because of the limitless nature of the universe and the limited nature of humanity, in order to fully comprehend the nature of the universe and use it to one's full advantage, insanity is necessary. This wiki may be regarded as a tutorial on the acquisition of insanity, but to regard it thusly is not recommended, as it would be an incredibly sane thing to do.

The pages written in this wiki are tailored to the typical human capacity for understanding and therefore are not entirely accurate and should only be taken as general ideas, not as the literal truth. That being said, he who prefers the comfort of sanity to the harsh light that shines from even a poor caricature of the truth ought to leave this site immediately and reclaim his wasted time. All others, however, all you dedicated philosophers, you theologians, scientists, read on at your own risk.

Here at Orderly and Pragmatic Affairs Wiki, we embrace all attempts from those who have seen the truth to enrich its public understanding. However, we understand that among those who have seen the truth, some have been driven to madness. To prevent this madness from infecting the wiki, we would like to encourage you to read The Rules.

Enjoy your stay.

~ Stairwell (And BigBug64!)

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