Stairwell is the author of the work in progress Regarding Orderly and Pragmatic Affairs, which, like this wiki, will be a compendium of complete and utter nonsense. In particular, Regarding Orderly and Pragmatic Affairs, from what we have gathered, will be an encyclopedia of beings not of this world that Stairwell has personally witnessed over the years. The purpose of this wiki is to give others the opportunity to weigh in on the significance of these beings and mention their own experiences. Stairwell also is the one who originally identified and began compiling several varieties of the aforementioned beings and proposed the idea for this wiki.

Not much is known about Stairwell. His personal information is largely confidential, but we are permitted to mention he has lived in California, and that Stairwell is not his actual name. He is generally polite but known for his razor-sharp temper. He fancies himself fairly important.