A starcrawler is a creature which hails from a location whose properties are beyond human comprehension, and which engages in unusual and often disturbing behaviors. The term was coined by Stairwell to describe the strange creatures he has observed throughout his lifetime. He has stated that he has discovered 100 varieties of starcrawlers, and we will update the wiki as more information becomes available through his descriptions in the ongoing Regarding Orderly and Pragmatic Affairs.

The starcrawlers take their names from their tendency, in general, to crawl or slither across all space for whatever reason, in some cases for no reason at all; as such, their appearance on Earth is rare, just as rare as its appearance in any other specific location. Why they have tended to appear more often as of late is presently unknown.

Despite their origin in outer space, most starcrawlers resemble shapes humans would find to be familiar, such as eyes, letters, or animals. Illustrations will be added when possible. For a catalog of all known starcrawlers, see the starcrawlers category. For a catalog of personal stories regarding starcrawlers, see the starcrawler encounters category.